What is the Menopause? While every single woman without exception will go through this transition in her midlife, this topic is still very mysterious and most women (and men) are not exactly sure what it means or what it entails. Overall, it is still a largely taboo topic, partly due to the fact that women have not been the authors of this answer as they were not part of the medical specialists who first researched and coined the term. Consequently, behind this question lies centuries of misunderstanding, misinformation and misogyny, resulting in a misconception of the topic and shame to talk about it.

Ignorance, avoidance and denial of this essential topic that is the Menopause is a major issue for several reasons, the most important being that it concerns every woman’s health – both physical and mental – which is a basic human right, and that admitting it and being knowledgeable about it is a means for women’s empowerment.

Thankfully, this tendency has started to change more recently, and in the UK for instance more and more women and heath practitioners talk about the Menopause and its effets on women’s health – including yoga teachers like Petra Coveney, founder of Menopause Yoga.

en Yoga pour la Ménopause is a style of yoga designed to help women manage the main menopausal symtoms. It promotes a positive approach that views the Menopause as a Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual transition in a woman’s life that takes her from a reproductive stage to a post reproductive stage of life. en Yoga pour la Ménopause aims to educate and empower women so that they can embrace the changes in their minds, bodies and emotions.

Having trained with Petra herself, Elsa organizes and facilitates ad hoc Menopause Yoga workshops in Brussels. In these workshops, she provides factual information about the Menopause and shares Petra’s “toolkit of techniques” to help women manage their menopausal symptoms, including specially adapted yoga poses, breathing techniques and mindful meditation practices.

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