YOGAZAZ teaches specific yoga classes for pregnant women (prenatal yoga) as well as for women who have just given birth (postnatal yoga). Each woman can chose to opt for a group class or a private class (or both), depending on her needs.

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Being pregnant and becoming a mother is a special phase in a woman’s life, a time characterized by many changes that each woman experiences differently. 

Opting to practice yoga during this phase, whether you are an experienced yogi or a complete beginner, is a wise decision and a “gift” you make to yourself because of all the physical and psychological benefits that a yoga practice offers you:

  • It helps to reduce some of the symptoms related to pregnancy (back pain, swelling due to a different blood circulation, fatigue, constipation, shortness of breath, etc.)
  • It helps to remain fit and prepare for birthing, physically and mentally
  • Yoga is a tool that helps one to relax, be more mindful and present, in order to tame the anxieties and fluctuating emotions that are common during this phase
  • It helps to realign the spine and tone the core muscles (abdominals, back muscles and pelvic floor), and it reduces some of the symptoms related to the postpartum phase (back pain, neck pain, hormonal imbalance, fatigue, stress) 
  • It’s a great tool to promote inner self-confidence 
  • It’s the perfect opportunity to connect with your baby, and to meet with other mamas to create a sense of community. 

YOGAZAZ’s classes always include a structured sequence of postures/asanas to stretch and tone the muscles and release tensions, a pranayama/breathing exercise, a mindfulness exercise, a relaxation phase to calm the body and mind, and optional monthly women circles where we will gather to share our stories, personal anecdotes, and possible anxieties.

 A woman can start practicing prenatal yoga anytime during her pregnancy and continue all the way prior to birthing, unless your doctor says otherwise. It’s recommended to start from week 13 on to make the most of all the benefits.

It is recommended to start practicing postnatal yoga approximately 6 weeks postpartum, if your body tells you it’s ready and with the approval of your doctor.



Maison de Quartier Malibran

10 Rue de la Digue, 1050 Bruxelles

Every other Saturday (biweekly)


17€ drop-in · 60€/4-class pass (valid 2 months) 


Pregnant women and women who have already given birth are welcome to this class.

No previous yoga experience is required but you need your doctor’s approval to follow the class.

Private classes with 1 individual and up to 3 women can be organised at my studio in Auderghem (nearby Petillon metro station).

Timing is flexible, depending on your schedule and Yogazaz’s.

Price for 1 person: 60€ drop-in & 250€/5-class pass